Get Rich Carefully by Jim Cramer

Get Rich Carefully – the New Book on Investing by Jim Cramer

Get Rich Carefuilly

Get Rich Carefully is the new book on investing by Jim Cramer in which he shares his market insights on how to invest your money carefully and also on how to understand stock charts – click on image for further details from Amazon

Jim Cramer (aka JAMES J. CRAMER) is the host of the “Mad Money” program on CNBC and co-host of “Squawk on The Street”. This blog, however, is not run by Jim Cramer, I am just a fan, given that he (unbeknownst to him) saved my shirt back in the days of the dotcom boom and bust, when I read his blog over on and understood that it was time to get out before the bust got any worse (which it did). I lost a pile of dough, but at least by listening to Jim Cramer I lived to fight another day. If I hadn’t heeded his advice things would probably have got very nasty indeed!

But back to Get Rich Carefully. This is James J. Cramer’s latest book on investing, dealing with both fundamentals and technical analysis, which will was published on 31 December in hardback, ebook or audio form, and can be ordered from Amazon from the links below.

Get Rich Carefully – Hardback

Get Rich Carefully – Kindle Edition

Get Rich Carefully – AudioBook

In Get Rich Carefully, Jim Cramer uses his experience as a Wall Street veteran (35 years) and host of CNBC’s Mad Money to produce his personal guide to low-risk, high-yield investing. The economy would appear to be recovering, and this book shows Jim Cramer’s plan for what you need to do to make plenty of money without taking big risks. (Has he been listening to Warren Buffett we wonder?).

With his unparalleled knowledge of how the stock market works and also the mistakes and successes he has had along the way to his own fortune, Jim Cramer gives his plain English guide to why you can get rich carefully, – but you need to start now. This is a book with no waffle, no sitting on the fence or the hedge, just the straightforward stuff you need to get rich. A book of wisdom and specifics in which he names names, highlights individual plays and sectors, and identifies the most profitable long-term investing themes.

He has also come over to the ‘dark side’ of technical analysis, which can be used in conjunction with fundamentals to help you better time your trades.

The stock market can be a very risky place to put your money, and there is often a temptation for people trying to make money to maybe cut corners or take undue amounts of risk. The wiser method is to take things slowly and not risk too much of your money, this is after all the method used by Warren Buffett. It may seem that this can take a long time to bear fruit, but it should be borne in mind that Warren Buffett was a millionaire by the time he was 32 (in 1962 when a million was a serious amount of money), and a billionaire when he was 60 (he is now 83).

Described as the personal finance book of the year, Get Rich Carefully is (according to the publishers) a priceless guide that will help you turn your savings into real, lasting wealth and it is also highly readable and entertaining.

A great gift for either yourself or someone you might know who is keen to learn about the stock market and the smartest way to make money carefully in what is generally considered to be a risky sector. I’ve just put it on my wish list for Christmas!

Click here for further details or to pre-order Get Rich Carefully – Jim Cramer

Here is a very long video of Jim Cramer and Stephanie Link talking about how to get rich carefully!

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